at the EXPERYMENT Science Centre in Gdynia


§ 1

General Provisions


1. The Visitor Regulations (hereinafter referred to as the Regulations) of the EXPERYMENT Science Centre in Gdynia (hereinafter referred to as the Centre) set out the rules of visiting the Centre and exhibitions (hereinafter referred to as the exhibitions).

2. The Centre is based at al. Zwycięstwa 96/98 in Gdynia.

3. Detailed information on the opening days and hours of the Centre, the Price List and the Ticket Sales Regulations are available on the website and at the ticket offices of the Centre.

4. The Centre reserves the right to change the opening days and hours for visitors.

5. In justified cases, the Centre reserves the right to temporarily change the rules for making available particular activities (educational activities, workshops, events and programs) at exhibitions and to introduce additional rules for visiting the Centre by visitors. Information on the changes introduced will be available on the website and at the Centre's ticket offices.


§ 2

Rules of Visiting the Centre by Visitors


1. A fee is charged for admission to exhibitions.

2. The number of visitors visiting the Centre's exhibitions at the same time is limited for safety reasons. Admission to exhibitions may be temporarily suspended.

3. The admission ticket to the Centre entitles to a single admission to the exhibitions of the Centre. Leaving the exhibition area means the end of touring.

4. The Centre reserves the right to introduce a limit relating to the duration of touring.

5. Children up to 12 years of age may only be present at the Centre under the supervision of adults. Guardians are responsible for their wards and for damage caused by them.

6. Ticket offices are closed one hour before the exhibitions close.

7. Exhibitions should be used for their intended purpose and the instructions of the Centre's staff should be followed.

8. Exhibits at exhibitions should be used according to the instructions displayed on boards, stands and monitors.

9. The Centre shall not be liable for events resulting from non-compliance with the instructions or improper use of the exhibits.

10. The Centre reserves the right to exclude any part of the site for visitors. Information on the restriction of access will be communicated to visitors in such a way that it can be known before purchasing admission tickets.

11. The Centre reserves the right to exclude from service the exhibits that have been failed, damaged or destroyed.

12. The exclusion of visitors' access to any part of the Centre or the exclusion of some of the exhibits shall not constitute grounds for reimbursement of any part of or all the ticket fee.

13. The visitors, visiting the Centre, shall be prohibited from any conduct which is dangerous to other visitors and to the Centre's equipment and any behaviour which violates generally accepted standards of conduct in public places.

14. At the Centre the following is prohibited:

a) entry into places other than those designated for visitors,

b) consumption of meals and beverages, except for in designated areas,

c) bringing in and consumption of alcoholic products and intoxicants,

d) being present on the premises of the Centre by persons whose condition indicates the consumption of alcohol or other intoxicants,

e) smoking of tobacco and electronic cigarettes,

f) riding bicycles, scooters, skateboards and other similar riding devices,

g) bringing in firearms, explosives and other objects dangerous to health and life,

h) bringing in animals, with the exception of a guide dog of a blind or visually impaired person and the assistant dog of a person with a mobility disability,

i) moving of equipment elements without permission,

j) destruction of equipment elements,

k) conducting commercial, advertising or political agitation activities,

l) leaving personal belongings and other objects unattended.

15. In the event of non-compliance with the rules listed in paragraph 14, the Centre reserves the right to refuse access to the exhibitions area or to remove visitors, without the right to refund for the amount of the ticket purchased.

16. There are lockers and locker baskets at the Centre, where backpacks, large bags and outwear should be left. Do not leave any objects of high value.

17. If a key to a locker or a locker basket is lost, a visitor will be charged with a fee of PLN 30.

18. The Centre is not liable for items left unattended.


§ 3

Safety Rules


1. The Centre is covered with a security system.

2. Visitors are obliged to comply with the safety rules laid down by the Centre.

3. The Centre reserves the right to establish and update safety rules in a manner appropriate for the situation and risks occurring at the time.

4. Safety rules are available on the website and at the ticket offices of the Centre.

5. In the event of an immediate threat to the health or life of visitors, the Centre reserves the right to immediately withdraw from the service provided.

6. Should the evacuation be necessary, visitors shall be obliged to follow the instructions and guidelines of the Centre's staff and the announcements and to leave the building immediately by the nearest evacuation exit.

7. In the event of evacuation which prevents visitors from returning to the exhibitions area within one hour, if the visiting time before the evacuation was less than two hours, the visitors should be reimbursed for the ticket.

8. The refund for the ticket shall be made on the basis of the Return Form, accompanied by the original of the receipt and the ticket, within 14 days of its submission. The Form should be sent by traditional mail or e-mail to the following e-mail address:


§ 4

Final Provisions


1. The rules for processing personal data of visitors, related to a visit to the Centre, are governed by the privacy policy available on the website

2. The purchase of tickets to the Centre constitutes acceptance of the above Regulations.

3. Failure to comply with these Regulations constitutes the basis for removing a visitor from the Centre. A person who has been expelled from the Centre due to non-compliance with the Regulations shall not be entitled to refund for the ticket.

4. The Centre reserves the right to amend these Regulations.

5. The Regulations are available on the website: and at the ticket offices of the Centre.