About us

EXPERYMENT Science Centre features an interactive exhibition that provides space for creative experimentation. This is where the fascination with science is born. Everyone is welcome to visit and embark on a journey to discover and explore the world. Our science shows, workshops and events engage, teach and entertain. Ask us questions, the more the better. We enjoy science!


EXPERYMENT Science Centre in Gdynia was proposed by  the municipal authorities of Gdynia as part of the “creActiveNET” project financed by the INTERREG program, the Provincial Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Gdańsk, and the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. It is one of the first science centres in Poland, and the first one in the region, to implement an innovative concept of promoting science through interactive exhibitions and educational activities.

The facility opened on 1st June 2007 in the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park. Initially, it was part of the Gdynia Innovation Centre, a budgetary unit of the Municipality of Gdynia. In March 2012, by the resolution of the Gdynia City Council, the Centre became a separate unit with the status of a local government’s cultural institution.

On 26th July 2010, the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park in Gdynia started an expansion project, including the construction of a new building for the EXPERYMENT Science Centre: a modern exhibition space combined with a conference centre.

The weekend of 7th–8th September 2013 saw EXPERYMENT’S grand opening of in the new setting. After two and a half years of development, the exhibition space increased sevenfold and gained laboratory rooms. In the first weekend, 5 000 people visited the new exhibition! In the following years, the Centre has presented numerous temporary exhibitions, expanded the permanent one and developed many new formats for educational, cultural and scientific activities.


EXPERYMENT Science Centre in Gdynia is a showcase for the modern city, and the two grow hand in hand. Its tasks and working methods evolve so it can keep carrying on its mission and accommodating to the ever-changing needs of various social groups. The Centre constantly redefines WHY it exists, HOW it operates and WHAT it offers, in order to rise to the challenge set upon its establishment.

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